Founded in 2005, the Student Council of Kosovo (SCK) is a national structure representing all students of secondary schools in Kosovo, with the aim of protecting their interests and rights, and creating a link of cooperation between students and education officials, headmasters, professors, and parents, to effect the improvement of the entire education system.

The Student Council of Kosovo was established based on the Law on Education. As such, it is the only legitimate structure that represents the voice of secondary school students all over Kosovo. SCK works on the basis of the main goal, of promoting the involvement of students in school life and decision-making processes. SCK’s vision is “Empowering Student Council of Kosovo through meaningful student participation”.

KYC believes that the Student Council of Kosovo – SCK has had a substantial impact on the increment of the quality of education in Kosovo over the years, by logistically maintaining their structure through annual school democratic elections. KYC will maintain its support to the SCK; continuing its project on empowerment of the SCK, by means of avocation through various pieces of training for program participants of various ages, genders, ethnic groups, sexual orientations, and special needs. Participants are equipped with the necessary knowledge on a range of educational topics and skills, from capacity-building training to practical skills such as designing initiatives to advocate for their needs and rights. The project activities are also based on the continuation of monitoring the educational policies and following up on their progress for youth’s issues of concern. The opportunities offered by KYC, also take into account the necessary skills for taking part actively in local and national educational decision-making processes. KYC will continually support SCK initiatives and campaigns and will assist all participants in physicality and virtually in engaging with the wider public and the media.

The objectives of the Kosovar Youth Council in its work with the Student Council of Kosovo are:

  • Supporting the Student Council of Kosovo to develop an advocacy platform that turns them into a relevant factor representing the youth and educational issues both at a local and national level;
  • Equipping students with the necessary skills to contribute to the decision-making processes through a designed capacity-building program;
  • Empowering students to become active and engaged in their local communities by supporting their youth-based initiatives and campaigns.

The Student Council of Kosovo has its bylaws and an internal executive structure. As such, the structure is established and maintained by the Kosovar Youth Council, through the “Empowering Student Council of Kosovo through meaningful student participation” project.