What is YMG?

Beginning on 2011, KYC has established the Youth Monitoring Group (YMG), a body within the Student Council of Kosovo, whose work is mainly aimed at monitoring various educational processes, such as the State Matura Exam, the School Steering Council, and regular meetings of the Commission for Education.
Starting from April-June 2012, the Administrative Instructions (AI) on Assessment Standards was monitored in seven (7) municipalities of Kosovo,in 31 high schools, respectively. The monitoring process was carried out in the following municipalities: Prizren, Gjakova, Peja, Ferizaj, Gjilan, Klina and Fushë Kosova, with a total of 74 monitors trained in advance through two trainings carried out by the Kosovar Youth Council.
Prior to conducting the monitoring, all new monitors were provided with a letter of support from the Ministry of Education and Science (MES), guaranteeing them the right to carry out the expected work in secondary schools, as well as with identification documents with which the monitors would be distinguished from other students.

Achievements of “Youth Monitoring Group”:

• A total of 80 students and 40 teachers for each municipality were interviewed and researched.
• Over 1000 surveys were completed by the respondents, including student forms, teachers and school principals.
• The monitoring process includes 9 gymnasiums, 22 vocational schools (economic, commercial, agricultural, medical, technical, telecommunications, business.), a music high school, two art schools and a religious school.