Making a better place for a better life!


Who we are?

Kosovar Youth Council (KYC) is a youth non-governmental organization (NGO) established to activate young Kosovars to respond to their problems brought on by massive expulsion from their homes to Albania in 1999. We act to build a civil society through youth participation, by creating and supporting youth NGOs and coordinating their leadership.


We are one of Kosova's newest youth NGOs registered with UNMIK. We are among a few organizations serving as an advocacy group on behalf of young Kosovars. 

What we do?

We represent youth voices; promote self-organized education, development and entertainment for youth; and actively involve youth in the creation and development of meaningful youth policies.


Our vision is to "make a better place for a better life."  The KYC has a multi-ethnic membership, mainly adolescents, with some others in their twenties. Members of the Kosovar Youth Council are working in several cities in Kosova with a main office in Prishtina.

Be active, take initiative!

Education Quality in Kosova

Kosovar Youth Council (KYC) is always open for young people who want to volunteer in different processes that KYC implements such as Monitoring, Training and Capacity Building.

You can also become one of us. Apply here!