Who we are

Representatives of all high schools in Kosova

Student Council of Kosova is a national structure that represents all students of secondary schools of Kosova, in order to protect their interests and to cooperate with officials, parents and professors for the benefit of entire education system.

Student Council of Kosova was established based on the Law on Education, as such is the only legitimate structure that represents the voice of students all over Kosova. The main goal of the Student Council of Kosova is to promote the involvement of students in school life, and through that the interest of the school, by cooperating with officials, parents and professors in all levels. Our vision is “student’s voice – power to realize”.

The objectives of SCK

“student’s voice – power to realize”

The objectives of SCK are:

  1. To increase the communication between the students, officials and parents in three levels; school, local and national.
  2. To promote a favorable environment for personal and educational development.
  3. To promote social relations and mutual respect between students.
  4. To support the education officials in school development and education policies.
  5. To represent the interests of students and their needs in three levels; school, local and national.

Student Council of Kosova has its bylaws and the internal executive structure. As such is established by  Kosovar Youth Council (NGO) supported by UNICEF and Ministry of Education.